Shaheed Brown (born August 4, 1976), better known as the "The NewYork City Hero" as an Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, House, Old School and Reggae DJ, and also the Co Founder of The Hot Noize Djs And Hot Noize On Demand Brand. Sharing the same borough with one of his ideals the late great Jam Master Jay. Queens was where the instrument of hip hop and djing took affect. As Shaolin went into school he became a basketball super star in high school and then into college his dream after each game was coming home and scratching on his parents record player. After watching Juice he knew that djing was his calling. DJ Shaolin was introduced to DJing at a young age. His inspiration from his name is from the obvious emulating Kung Fu flicks was something he loves watching in his pass time. DJ Shaolin is like a samurai sword as his name is in junction with the way he spins and cuts on the 1's and 2's . DJ Shaolin grew up idolizing Jam Master Jay, DJ Kool Herc, DJ Busy Bee, Red Alert, Chuck Chill Out, DJ SNS, Kid Capri, Ron G., DJ Premier and Cut Master C. just to name a few. As Shaolin got deeper into the flow of where djing was going, he was introduced to the mixed tape greats and he would soon follow Funk Master Flex, DJ Clue, DJ Kay Slay just to name a few. DJ Shaolin had is first Djing gig in Atlanta years ago where he now calls home. With countless venues, clubs, events, and shows under his belt. Shaolin is making more major movement with his mix tapes and online radio show The waves that DJ Shaolin is making are more then crucial they are critical. Stay tune for more of DJ Shaolin's moves.



Born and Raised in New York City between Brooklyn and the Bronx Jaime O is a Dynamic Entertainment Business Executive. “Hip-Hop was always with me” said Jaime O when talking about how Hip-Hop was all around him and his determination to be a successful businessman in the entertainment industry. Jaime O began his career as a songwriter in 1997 for an independent label. He learned early on the power of independent music distribution and marketing and has built a portfolio of companies since. From Retail in Urban Fashion, to Production Studios, Management, Publishing and Marketing entities he has along the way worked with and befriended artists such as French Montana, Maino, Trina, Master P’s brother Silk Da Shocker and Ice Cube to name a few.

In 2012 Jaime O partnered with Rob Terell becoming the V.P. and COO of Wealth Nation Entertainment. This venture offers a buffet of key professional services for Independent Artists and groups and has led to a proliferation of several other business ventures including Star Life Tours (Touring Platform) and Musicnomics (Funding Platform) to expand service offerings supporting the careers of many artists, groups, brands and companies. Recently Jaime O has been appointed President of the Hot Noize International DJ's Record Pool/DJ Coalition. This as well as several other businesses in the pipeline affirm his space in the indie entertainment industry as a powerhouse, decision maker and thought leader.


Due to his relentless focus on getting Artist music heard around the world. DJ G BOX has Mastered areas such as Social Media Promotion, Artist Development, breaking Independent Records, and Mixtape Hosting. As Vice President of (Hot Noize International DJs Department) Co owner of The Union International, Atlanta Account Executive for Baseball Rich Clothing (Manufacturing Co), only to name a few hats he wears daily, DJ GBOX is the Industry newest best kept secret.